Indoor screens are perfect for engaging customers in your retail store, reception area or showroom. They can be used to highlight promotions, show products in use or position your brand. They help customers become emotionally involved with your brand and products, can convey useful information and encourage them to stay longer.

A video wall is a large-scale visual display consisting of multiple monitors, projectors, or other display technologies that are tiled or overlapped to form a single, expansive display surface.

If you have multiple locations or screens, the content can be tailored in each case. Content can also be tailored for each screen by time of day, weather and even the gender or age of the nearby customer.

Types of video walls:

Video Wall

Ensure informed decision with accurate monitoring and surveillance.

Digital Menu Board

Attract attention and get deeper customer engagement with interactive displays.

Touch Screen

Ultra-slim video ideal for public spaces or collaboration environments.

Thin Frame Video Wall

With the barely noticeable inter-tile gap, and automatic, real-time calibration, to create a viewing experience never seen before in LCD video walls.

Mosaic Screen

Create one-of-a-kind video walls with unlimited layouts and steal the show.


Reliable project management, procurement and installation services for all digital deployment.

We will carry out installation of any complexity in the shortest possible time. We have a lot of work and no time for mistakes.

Our experts will provide professional consultation for your project. Select equipment options draw visualization and switching circuit. If necessary, we can help you with technical scope of work development, so you can tender this work.

Equipment selection and development of commercial quote

We have close and trusted relationships with a number of leading hardware vendors and on your behalf, we work with them to negotiate the best terms in terms of price and delivery.

Scope of work development

Making a proposal taking into account the features of the project.

Manufacturing of custom build requirements

All customers are allocated a dedicated project manager to make sure their solution is deployed smoothly, transparently and on time. NazaTech has a 100% track record of on time delivery.

Installation and commissioning

NazaTech goes the extra mile to make sure we install your solution on time, and everything works perfectly. Its in our DNA.

Content development and software supply

We dont just develop content, we create art! We work with our design team to develop rich media content that will not only WOW your audience, but also delivers informative, energised and fresh experience.

Technical support and warranty

After commissioning, your solution is handed over and monitored proactively by our support team, but our project management team stays with you for two to three weeks after handover to make sure everything is running smoothly.

Good design has more to do than just visual appeal. Our team designs user-oriented digital ecosystems that transform complex interactions into a seamless customer experience. Whether its communicating with staff, browsing your product range or making a transaction, we use our innovative design to make the experience faster, easier and more rewarding for customers. All while driving profit and delivering better business outcomes.


Todays ever-connected customers are more informed and have higher expectations. And with the popularity of online shopping, stores are being forced to think beyond discounting to keep the in-store customers engaged. NazaTech was founded to fill an important void in the retail digital signage market. The companys current lineup includes products for operations of all sizes, from corner stores to malls.

Efficient and Engagin

The faster and more efficiently employees can get important information, the easier it is for them to do their job.

Just as email has replaced the hand-printed memo, corporate digital signage is replacing office whiteboards to open up communication pathways in the workplace.

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