Comprehensive support for hardware and software in 24/7 mode. Every day we work hard to make our customers life better and happier. With our managed service program, busy staff members don’t have to worry about constantly monitoring our solutions and as a result, they are able to focus on more pressing tasks.

System Administration

Our solution provides a round-the-clock integrated hardware and software services, including reactive and proactive services, backed by our support team, product expertise and proprietary analytics tools.

Remote problem solution

Our technical team can investigate source of issues remotely.

Software updates and advises

We advise you when it's time to update your software.

Daily system health check

We create a template for daily system health checks.

Remote control

You can remotely manage your digital signage content from any browser, at any time and wirelessly send updates to your screen

Remote content update

The powerful CMS provides businesses with the tools to remotely manage a network of digital signs, content, playlists and playback schedules from one platform.

Full system troubleshooting and health check

We offer systems health check that identifies the inconsistencies, irregularities and inefficiencies that are causing an system to operate ineffectively

Systems Health Check

Our technicians undertake a manual check on each client’s key backend IT systems and services including Exchange, SQL, anti-virus, server resources and data backup. All clients with an IT Service Agreement receive a daily IT Systems Health Check each morning as part of their standard IT Service Agreement, and are provided an easy to read report showing what we have checked and the status of each key service.

Routine System Inspection and annual/monthly checks

We operate under preventive maintenance approach. Identify problem before it happens.

Equipment repair

We are able to offer customer support & repair services for faulty equipment which is still under warranty or equipment which may be out of warranty.

Emergency repairs

We respond immediately and complete the work in 24 hours. We aim to remove immediate danger to people and make equpment secure.

Report and maintenance programme development

We develop and provide you with the maintenance strategy and spares management. This is the foundation for reliable equipmenet operation.

Regular IT network health check enables company management to increase the effectiveness of their infrastructure budgeting. Furthermore, organisations will be able to benchmark their IT environment against the latest technologies.

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